Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes we forget the people around us are going through things at this moment without saying a word. This is my story and why I became a Life Coach and more. I have had many hats that I have worn in my life good and bad. But all of it has been learning lessons on bettering the person I truely am inside. In 2003 I graduated from school to be a Holistic Health Practitioner. This is where I found the love of massage. My cliental was the best and I loved what I do and how I could help people physically. It was a rush a pure joy for me. Then it all happened, a man with his luggage hit me on my knee I went down to the floor and the man I remember looked at me discussed, like get up women and shoke his head and walked away. Little did that man know he tore my ACL in my left knee. I was in so much pain and this man did not even say he was sorry. Then I had to have ACL surgery in which this doctor must have had a bad day because he is the head of surgery for his hospital but he did a surgery that truely was not what he was supposed to do. As I am laying in bed with my leg up in pain I was mad. Mad at the man that hurt me, mad at the doctor. Now it is ten years and nine surgeries later . My quality of life has changed and having to give up massage as a career has broke my heart in peices. As I lay in my bed I saw this article come up to go back to school SWIHA and be a life coach and Wellness Practionar. Then I saw another school for Intergrative Wellness, Maharashi University to get my Masters in , knowledge is power and healing. How exciting I can change my thinking to something more possitive and I can still help people, perfect! So with this all under my head I am learn that I am just as important as the people I am taking care of and helping. Because if I am not healthy how can I help any one else. So here I am finding my happy and healthy. I have turned my anger into, I got to see my family more then working so much. I am taking time for myself and finding that working to live instead of living to work is my new moto. I am important! I am full of knowledge that I would like to pass on to others. So now my own journey to healthy, loosing these pounds I have gained these last 10 years of not being able to move very much! Join me on my journey! I will be doing personal stories leave me your email and I will add you to the list, you can even join me with this journey. Because life is all about learning, they say you can't loose weight after a certain age but I am going to not listen and love on my body so much that it will be working better then it did before all these surgeries.

Peace, Love and Manifest!

Lisa Jarvis

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