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The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others how they should treat you also. For me it was a learning curve. I was a giver and a guilt ridden person that doing stuff for myself was wrong and if I did it took away from my family, it took away from them I would feel guilty. I would give until I could give no more and for a taker I was a delight. The older I got the more I grew into myself and learned my self worth is so important. Not only for me but my family. Setting boundaries so I can find myself enough to have love for myself. Why is this so important you might be asking yourself. Because when you think of deep love know that it comes within yourself. That deep love that no one else can give you except yourself. Knowing that you choose how you feel, never blaming anyone for your life. If you can't truely love yourself how can anyone truely love you.

What does self love look like?

It’s prioritizing your dreams and making an effort to do things that inspire and light you up.

It’s saying no to things you don’t agree with or that don’t fit in with your plans.

It’s deciding to spend time with people who support, encourage, and motivate you to be the best version of you.

It’s owning your thoughts and opinions and refusing to be swayed in order to please others.

It’s being gentle with and talking kindly and sweetly to yourself.

It’s having the courage to try new things that you’ve always wanted to experience.

It’s taking time out to nourish your mind, body, and soul—exercise, eating well, alone time.

It’s trusting your intuition and honoring your own truth.

It’s spending money on things that make you feel amazing while investing in your future.

It’s daring to believe that you’re capable of achieving and creating the life you visualize.

It’s choosing to see the good and refusing to let others bring you down.

It’s gifting yourself forgiveness and accepting yourself for all of your beautiful and not-so-cool quirks and qualities.

How does self love change the way you look at love?

An amazing relationship comes about when we own and appreciate who we are and completely accept the other person for who they are.

So loving and putting you first is not selfish, it’s necessary. It’s imperative to creating the wonderful love and life we all desire. And let’s get something straight—loving yourself doesn’t deplete the love tank; it actually fills it up so we have even more to give.

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