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Happy,According to Lisa!

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

When I think about happiness I think it is a state of mind inside oneself. What does that mean? A person can not be totally happy 100% of the time but we can make the best of what we have in life. If anyone has watched the Disney movie Pollyanna from the 1960's with Haley Mills, she was a ophan with a mean aunt that adopts her, after her parents pass away but her dad taught her a game and it was a great survival skill. She played what she called the "Glad Game". It was a game for herself to turn bad things into good and how thankful she was for everything in her life.

Each day I wake up I am super Glad to be alive. Few of us have this chance to experience this life to the fullest. If we are always looking for the bad things in life or complaining about how horrible everything is around us, how can we experience the good things? I even make my bad stuff into my super hero powers because I have experienced them and I learned how to over come them. Then I can help people overcome these things. So in turn making a bad thing turn into a good so it can never letting that bad haunt you again.

Right now we are living in a world that is obessesed with happiness, in other words "Pollyanna" should be our mascot in life. The "Glad game", doesn't mean there will never be bad times. But it can be a tool of optimusim to make yourself happy. It is not a state of mind, but rather something that must be practiced like every skill we all have to practice. The more we practice, the most we see the good in what is happening to us. When you are searching for glad things around you, you sorta forget the other things and go from there. It is a process to find your balance and happiness. Each one of us have a different point of view and where that happiness is but it is all within us. With my Life Coaching I can teach you some skills to help you find that place of happiness and each session is designed personnally around each and every person.

Smile and hugs with many blessings, Lisa

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